Yuck or Yum? 9 Foreign Foods That Divide American Taste Buds

Durian (Southeast Asia)

Known for its strong odor that some find repulsive and others intriguing.

Vegemite (Australia)

A spread with a salty, yeasty flavor that can be an acquired taste.

Haggis (Scotland)

A savory pudding made from sheep's organs and oatmeal, often polarizing due to its ingredients.

Marmite (UK/New Zealand)

Similar to Vegemite, it's a spread made from yeast extract, with a distinctive salty taste.

Kimchi (Korea)

Fermented spicy cabbage or other vegetables, loved by some for its tangy flavor and disliked by others due to its strong smell and spiciness.

Balut (Philippines)

A fertilized duck embryo boiled and eaten from the shell, challenging for many due to its appearance and texture.

Veggie Maki Sushi (Japan)

While sushi is popular, some Americans find vegetarian versions with seaweed, rice, and vegetables less appealing than fish-based sushi.

Escargot (France)

Cooked snails in garlic butter, enjoyed as a delicacy in France but often perceived as unusual or off-putting in the US.

Surströmming (Sweden)

Fermented Baltic sea herring known for its extremely pungent smell, which divides opinions globally.