The United States' Top 7 Most Likely Locations To See Bobcats

Southern California

Areas like Joshua Tree National Park and Angeles National Forest offer opportunities to spot bobcats amidst diverse landscapes.

Texas Hill Country

State parks such as Guadalupe River State Park and Enchanted Rock State Natural Area are known for bobcat sightings due to the rugged terrain and abundant prey.


The dense forests and swamps of Florida, including the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge and Big Cypress National Preserve, provide habitat for bobcats.


From desert to mountain habitats, places like Saguaro National Park and Tonto National Forest offer prime territory for encountering bobcats.


The Rocky Mountains, especially areas like Rocky Mountain National Park and Pike National Forest, harbor healthy populations of bobcats.

New Mexico

Diverse habitats in New Mexico, such as Gila National Forest and Carson National Forest, provide homes for bobcats.


Extensive forests in Maine, including those in Acadia National Park and Baxter State Park, offer ample opportunities for bobcat sightings.