The Richest Small Town in Every State

Alabama - Mountain Brook

With its upscale neighborhoods and high-income residents, Mountain Brook stands out as one of Alabama's wealthiest small towns, boasting a strong community and excellent quality of life.

Alaska - Kodiak

Despite its remote location, Kodiak's economy thrives on fishing, tourism, and government jobs, contributing to its status as Alaska's richest small town, with a relatively high median household income.

Arizona - Paradise Valley

Known for its luxury homes and upscale resorts, Paradise Valley tops the list as Arizona's wealthiest small town, attracting affluent residents and visitors alike with its stunning desert landscapes

Arkansas - Bentonville

Home to the global headquarters of retail giant Walmart, Bentonville has experienced significant economic growth and prosperity, making it the richest small town in Arkansas and a hub for business

California - Atherton

As one of the wealthiest towns in the entire United States, Atherton's affluent residents include tech executives, entrepreneurs, and celebrities, contributing to its reputation as California's richest

Colorado - Cherry Hills Village

With its expansive estates and upscale lifestyle, Cherry Hills Village stands out as Colorado's richest small town, attracting high-net-worth individuals seeking privacy, luxury

Connecticut - Darien

Known for its waterfront properties, top-rated schools, and high median household income, Darien ranks as Connecticut's richest small town, offering a blend of suburban charm and affluent living.