The 9 Best Haircuts for Long Faces, According to a Hairstylist

Shaggy Shoulder Cut

This trendy layer-heavy, side-sweeping shoulder cut gives major volume and frames the face, making it a double-win for long faces. The added layers create movement and texture, preventing the hair from looking flat and enhancing the overall shape.

Birkin Bangs

Inspired by the iconic look, these full, straight-across bangs skim the brows and are forever flattering for long face shapes. The bangs draw attention to the eyes and shorten the appearance of the forehead, balancing the facial proportions.

Side-Swept Crop Cut

This side-swept, piecey long pixie is sassy and stylish, ensuring the crop isn't too short to avoid elongating the face. The longer pieces on the sides add width, which is essential for balancing a long face, while the side-swept bangs provide a soft, feminine touch.

Layered Bob

With a trendy below-chin length, sassy side-swept bangs, and ultra-textured layers, this bob is perfect for oblong and long faces. The layers add dimension and movement, while the length helps to break up the vertical lines of a long face, creating a more balanced look.

Layered Shoulder Cut

Simple yet effective, this collarbone-grazing cut features face-framing layers and highlights, making it the "little black dress" of haircuts for long faces. The layers soften the jawline and add volume around the face, making it look fuller and more proportional.

Deep Side Part

Switching to a deep side part draws attention across the face rather than down, making it a flattering choice for long faces. This simple change can add instant volume and create a more oval appearance by breaking up the length of the face.

Layered Long Cut

Long hair with layers is more flattering than straight and layerless, adding movement and dimension to long faces. The layers prevent the hair from dragging the face down, adding lift and bounce that create a lighter, more dynamic look.

Curly Shag

The shag haircut, especially with curls, is a timeless style that works well on long and oblong face shapes. The layers and curls add width and texture, which helps to balance the face s length and creates a lively, voluminous effect.

Bardot Bangs

These retro-inspired bangs, either eyebrow-length or longer, cover about one-third of the face length, making them ideal for long faces. The bangs soften the forehead and draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones, providing a harmonious and chic look.