The 7 Polite Habits Hairstylists Think Are Rude

Polite Habits Hairstylists 

If you frequent a salon to keep your hair looking great, you probably love your hairstylist and have the best intentions when you visit.

Not Giving Guidance

we go to the same hairstylist for so long that they can tell us what we want without guidance. However, not giving guidance isn t polite.

Not Washing Your Hair Before Your Appointment

You may not consider this one polite (hint: it s not). Yet some people believe that touching their hair is anathema when getting a cut or color.

Adding More Product to Your Hair

You re sitting there getting dolled up by your stylist, but you need more hair gel on your bangs, so grab it from the bottle. No, you re not helping the stylist.

Being Too Personal With Your Stylist

Always use the name on their name tag or the name they introduce themselves with. Otherwise, they may feel disrespected and not taken seriously as professionals. That s the epitome of rude.

Anticipating Your Stylist s Next Move

stylist prompting us may cause them to cut more than they intended and ruin the haircut. By all means, do what the stylist tells you.

Forgetting Etiquette

You can t forget the other just because you follow one set of rules. Covering your face if you cough or sneeze is a must, regardless of whether you re at the office or in the salon.