Taylor Swift's Hair Evolution in 8 Looks That Every Girl Must Try

Swift kicked off her career with a mane of golden curls primed for constant onstage hair flips and general tossing.

Classic Curls

A subtle depth of color, smooth texture, and a timeless chignon updo signaled Swift’s journey toward her signature look.

Sophisticated Sweep-Up

Swift arrived to the 2012 Grammy’s with a fringe-free style, and left (post-performance and two awards later) sporting the full fringe that would become her trademark.

Raked Back

Swift knows how to carry off a thematic updo. An ashen shade of baby blonde and effortless polish define this tie-back, the choice made playful via strategic.

Subtle Milkmaid

Swift’s blonde blowout is afforded a bit of bombshell courtesy of blended bangs and a cut of long layers. 

Long Layers

A polished wavy bob is a favorite of Swift’s, and this one comes with an Old Hollywood twist. 

Old Hollywood Chop HAIR

A cleaner take on the above-shoulder chop, Swift’s ever-so-slightly angled bob is a match to both her bangs and clean-lined Versace ensemble.

Blunt Bob

A brush with bleach ushered in an edgy era for Swift, her peroxide chop worn mussed—and with moody makeup to match. 

Bleached Bob