Scientists Just Discovered a Molten Layer Below Earth's Surface


Scientists detected a molten layer about 100 miles beneath Earth s surface.

Global Discovery:

This finding suggests the presence of a new layer of Earth s interior that is globally distributed.

Influence on Plate Tectonics:

While previously thought to play a significant role, the molten layer s impact on mantle flow is found to be minor.

Mantle Dynamics:

 The study sheds light on the internal dynamics of the planet, emphasizing the importance of the physical properties of the molten layer.

Previous Understanding:

Earlier, scientists believed molten rock existed in patches, but this study reveals its widespread presence.


The molten layer is part of the asthenosphere, which resides under Earth s tectonic plates in the upper mantle.

Soft Boundary:

The asthenosphere forms a relatively soft boundary, allowing tectonic plates to move through the mantle.