Low-Maintenance Office Plants That Don't Need Much Light

Although they like sunny places, newborn cacti are incredibly low maintenance, so first-time plant parents may want to start off easy with one. Place a few of these prickly succulents on a console table, bookshelves that reach the ceiling, or the corner of your desk.


English ivy makes stunning home office decor, whether it's hung from a ceiling or draped over a ledge. The vines can reach a maximum length of 10 feet and can even encircle your area if given the right conditions.

English Ivy

Not only are ZZ plants well-known for their ability to cleanse the air, which translates to cleaner air for your 9 to 5 job, but they also flourish in a variety of environments. Although they can withstand low light, their waxy green leaves thrive in bright, indirect sunlight.

ZZ Plant

The money tree, one of the best feng shui plants, is said to provide prosperity, good fortune, and positive energy on its plant parents. This well-known houseplant needs to be watered approximately once a week, or whenever the soil is 50 to 75 percent dry.

Money Tree

This "lucky" succulent can survive up to 50 years if given the right care; perhaps it will make it through your retirement. The sturdy, woody stems and smooth, oval-shaped leaves thrive in indirect to bright light, needing water only when the soil is fully dry.

Jade Plant

An additional really beginner-friendly choice is the air plant. Air plants just need to be drenched in water once a week; they don't need soil and can thrive in most types of illumination. After that, let them dry fully before returning them to your air plant holder.


The plant's ability to filter the air will have a greater effect at work than its pretty white blossoms. Make sure it is still in a location with adequate lighting, but keep it out of harsh, direct sunshine.

Peace Lily

One of the hardest houseplants you'll ever come across is this one: This hardy plant grows without a lot of water or sunlight. Smaller plants, like the one pictured here, really only require watering every two to three weeks.

Snake Plant