Look 40 With 8 Hairstyles for Women Over 60

Classic Bob

Timelessly chic, the classic bob frames the face effortlessly and suits any parting. Its simplicity offers versatility and low maintenance for a timeless yet trendy look.

Classic Pixie

Embrace your gray hair with confidence in a cropped cut, reducing maintenance while exuding boldness and style.

Bob with Full Bangs

Full bangs add a classic yet trendy flair, covering forehead wrinkles while offering a youthful and versatile look.

Subtle Undercut Crop

Customize your crop cut with a subtle undercut detail, adding personality and edge to a timeless style.

Ultra-Layered Crop

Achieve volume and shape effortlessly with this flippy crop style, perfect for those seeking a full and high-volume look with minimal effort.

Full Textured Layers

Embrace wavy or curly hair with full textured layers, accentuating natural texture for a fail-safe and flattering style.

Breezy Cropped Cut

Sweep hair away from the face for added volume and style in this super short and breezy haircut, perfect for those seeking a refreshing and low-maintenance look.

Choppy Lob Cut

Embrace natural texture with layers, creating a collarbone-grazing cut that accentuates features and adds movement to textured hair.