How to Make a DIY All-Purpose Cleaner for Every Surface

Scented All-Purpose Cleaner

use the homemade all-purpose cleaner to clean garbage cans, erase wall smudges, and more. Lemon rind has a fresh fragrance and may clean better.

Kitchen Cleaner and Deodorizer

This DIY kitchen cleaner uses baking soda to clean surfaces, appliances, and the fridge. "Baking soda deodorizes and shines stainless steel sinks and appliances

DIY Glass Cleaner

 The orange essential oil gives it a lovely citrus aroma and the rubbing alcohol evaporates fast to reduce stains and streaks. 

Homemade Brass Cleaner

Dab a sponge with vinegar or lemon juice and salt to clean non-lacquered tarnished brass cabinet pulls, ornamental dishes, fixtures, and more. 

Natural Heavy-Duty Scrub

This powerful homemade cleanser removes rust from porcelain and enamel sinks and tubs. Scrub the lemon with borax and rinse.

DIY Grease Cleaner

This DIY oven and kitchen cleaning removes grease. Sudsy ammonia removes difficult metal dirt with detergent. Blend 1/2 cup with water to fill a gallon. 

Last-Resort Clothing Stain Remover

Mix the following components in a stainless steel, plastic, or enamel dish (not aluminum) to treat severely soiled but washable white clothing

Natural Marble Cleaner

A sudsy homemade cleanser can clean marble. Try this cleanser by mixing 2 drops of Dawn dish soap with water for cleaning natural stone surfaces.