Discover 7 Trendiest Low Taper Fade Haircuts

Classic Low Taper Fade

The traditional low taper fade is elegant and adaptable. The hair smoothly tapers down the sides. For a stylish, low-maintenance haircut, this classic style is ideal.

Low Taper with a Square Top

The square-topped low taper is current and traditional. A smooth taper down the sides and a square top give this haircut a modern, sophisticated look.

Ivy League Haircut and a Beard Fade

Academic refinement and rustic appeal are ideally balanced with an Ivy League hairstyle and beard fade. The fitted style is classic, but the beard fade is current masculine.

Vintage Slick Back Long Hair

The retro slick back long hair style combines traditional elegance with a dash of rebellion, with long locks precisely styled back for a classy but effortlessly stylish appearance.

Taper Fade with Caesar Cut

The taper fade with Caesar cut mixes a clean fade with the Caesar's short and textured top for a modern and polished look.

Straight Sleek Quiff with a Low Fade

A sleek, raised quiff, the Straight Sleek Quiff with a Low Fade embodies contemporary refinement. Adding a slight low fade to the quiff gives this style a polished and easily elegant appearance.

Low Taper and Layered Bowl Cut

The low taper and layered bowl cut seamlessly blend traditional and modern styles. Its sophisticated design and gentle taper match the bowl cut's layered texture.