Basketball's newest superstar, Caitlin Clark: 8 Things You May Not Know About Her

She s been manifesting a basketball career since third grade:

From a young age, Clark set her sights on a basketball career, creating a dream board in elementary school that included goals like earning a basketball scholarship and playing in the WNBA.

Clark played on boys teams as a kid:

Growing up in a sports-oriented family, Clark played on boys teams in soccer and basketball, demonstrating her skills and resilience from a young age. This experience helped shape her competitive spirit

Her brothers helped her reach her athletic potential:

Despite the competitive dynamic with her brothers, Clark credits them as both her biggest supporters and toughest critics. Their influence pushed her to excel athletically and instilled in her a drive to continually improve

She brings home more cash than any other women s college basketball player

With the NCAA s new rule allowing college athletes to profit from their name, image, and likeness (NIL), Clark has capitalized on her social media presence

A marketing major helps her make the most of it:

Clark s academic pursuits in marketing complement her athletic career, enabling her to leverage her personal brand and navigate the world of endorsements and sponsorships effectively. Her education empowers

She s famous for her impressive shooting range:

Clark s ability to sink long-range shots, including logo threes from beyond the midcourt line, has earned her widespread recognition and contributed to her team s success on the court. Her shooting prowess

She s always eager to prop up her teammates:

Despite her individual accomplishments, Clark remains humble and team-oriented, consistently acknowledging the contributions of her teammates in interviews and press conferences. Her leadership extends beyond the stat sheet to uplift

Clark has the second most triple-doubles in NCAA history:

With an impressive tally of 17 triple-doubles in her college career, Clark showcases her versatility and impact on the game beyond scoring. Her ability to contribute in multiple facets reflects her basketball IQ and team-first mentality