9 Transgender Actors Making Waves in Hollywood

1. Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox, best known for her part in "Orange Is the New Black," was the first openly transgender nominee for a Primetime Emmy. Cox uses her platform to promote transgender rights despite criticism and transphobia.

2. Elliot Page

Famous for his parts in "Juno" and "The Umbrella Academy," Elliot Page announced his gender identity in December 2020 and was met with a great deal of admiration for his courage.

3. Indya Moore

As one of the main characters in "Pose," Indya Moore has raised awareness of transgender individuals of color. Although they have experienced transphobia and isolation, their portrayal of Angel has received great acclaim.

4. Hunter Schafer

Hunter Schafer was an activist opposing bathroom laws in North Carolina prior to making her acting debut in "Euphoria." The detailed portrayal of a transgender teen's life in Schafer's part as Jules has received high appreciation.

5. Daniela Vega

As the lead character in "A Fantastic Woman," the Chilean actress Daniela Vega became the first transgender presenter in Academy Awards history when the film won the Best Foreign Language Oscar.

6. Brian Michael Smith

One of the first openly transgender performers to portray a trans character on network television is Brian Michael Smith, well known for his work on "9-1-1: Lone Star." Smith acknowledges the continuous fight against discrimination in and outside of the profession.

7. Alexandra Billings

Alexandra Billings, a transgender actress and activist, has been a trailblazer in the field for several decades. Billings notes that there has been a shift toward more authentic representations despite the early difficulties in finding roles.

8. Isis King

Prior to entering the acting world with roles in "When They See Us," Isis King rose to prominence on "America's Next Top Model." Despite facing criticism from the public for being among the first openly transgender individuals on reality TV.

9. Jamie Clayton

The ground-breaking way that Jamie Clayton portrayed a transgender character's life and relationships in "Sense8" won accolades. Clayton has challenged the industry to change by speaking out against the need for genuine transgender representation and Hollywood's casting procedures.