8 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas With Rocks, Stone, and Mulch

Achieve a soft and modern look with a combination of light-colored stones for your house exterior, porch, flower beds, and walkways.

Keep It Light

Layer stones to create dimension in flower beds, perfect for flowers cascading over a charming stone wall.

Up the Romance

Build a conversation pit with a fire pit and lounge chairs using pebbles and pavers to define distinct zones around your pool house or garage.

Create a Conversation Pit

Use mulch to create a defined space for a flower bed along a curved sidewalk or driveway. Light-colored stone pavers can add a neat border.

Carve Out a Corner

Create a simple and romantic outdoor space with a stone paver patio surrounded by greenery and lanterns.

Use Complementary Colors

Combine rocks and mulch to create a mini flower bed in your front yard. The mulch nourishes plants while the rock border adds visual interest.

Combine Rocks and Mulch

Create a stunning rock garden with succulents and heat-resistant trees in the center of your driveway. Lighter-colored statement rocks can add a touch of contrast.

Get Around

Blend your stone paver patio into the natural beauty of your yard by surrounding it with a dense privacy hedge.

Blend Into Nature