9 Most Dangerous Countries that American Tourists Usually Visit


Aruba is a well-liked Caribbean vacation spot with white sand beaches and turquoise oceans, with a comparatively low crime rate of 27.5 per 100,000 residents.

Saint Kitts and Nevis

This country of two islands has stunning beaches, historical attractions, and lush rainforests. According to UNODC, there is 300.5 crimes committed for every 100,000 people,


Grenada is a charming island known for its spice plantations and hospitable residents. There are 57.8 crimes committed there for per 100,000 residents.

Saint Lucia

This nation is well-known for its breathtaking Pitons, verdant surroundings, and opulent resorts. The crime rate per 100,000 residents is 29.6. Travelers enjoy romantic getaways,

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

An island chain called Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is home to quiet beaches, exhilarating sailing experiences, and a diverse array of marine life.


In the Bahamas, tourists take pleasure in shopping, water sports, and touring historic places. The Bahamas, known for its vivid coral reefs, pink sand beaches, and opulent resorts


Barbados offers rum cocktails, regional food, and cultural activities for visitors to enjoy. Barbados boasts beautiful beaches, vibrant festivals, and British colonial buildings


Jamaica, a Caribbean island nation, is well known for its lively culture, breathtaking natural beauty, and reggae music. Despite all of the beauty this place has to offer

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, a US territory in the Caribbean, offers a lively culture with a fusion of American and Spanish influences, as well as a variety of landscapes.