9 Creative Ways to Use Leftover Egg Whites

Vanilla Meringue Cookies

These airy, fluffy vanilla meringue cookies, which are thought by many to be the best way to use up leftover egg whites, keep for weeks, allowing you to enjoy a handmade treat whenever the whim strikes.

Clover Club

The key to a successful Clover Club is skill since the components are minimal just egg white, gin, dry vermouth, lemon juice, and raspberry syrup.

Coconut Macaroons

These simplified macaroon cookies, which are held together with an egg white, have a coconut taste that is enhanced by the contribution of almond extract.

Fluffy and Fabulous Coconut Cake

For every event or season, a decent coconut cake recipe may be prepared. Although there are many variations on this traditional cake, this one keeps things easy with a fuss-free white cake

Vegetable Frittata With Asiago Cheese

You can use up all the random items in your fridge by making a frittata. Use whole eggs, egg whites, or a mixture of the two, and then get creative with your mix-ins.

Lemon Meringue Pie

This classic homemade lemon meringue pie recipe is sweet and tart with a fluffy, cloudlike meringue topping. No torch? No problem slide the pie back into the oven until the top turns golden brown.

Chocolate Satin

Egg yolks are standard in most classic chocolate mousse recipes, but this one uses only the whites for a dessert that s silkier, lighter, and deeply chocolaty.

Pisco Sour

Popular in Chile and Peru, the Pisco sour is distinguished by its acidic taste and its frothy head made of egg whites. Without a doubt, one of our favorite egg white dishes

Italian Meringue Buttercream

Even if it s your first time making meringue-based buttercream, this step-by-step guide will lead you to plush, voluminous success.