9 Corn Snake Morphs By Color, Genetics & Rarity

Normal (Wild-type or Carolina

Orange base color with red blotches outlined in black. Often mistaken for venomous copperhead snakes.

Blue (Anerythristic x Dilute)

Light-colored snakes with white and gray shades. Some may have traces of yellow. Dilute gene causes faded blotches.

Red Coat:

Base morph that intensifies red colors. Not a combination of different morphs. Often bred with Okeetee and Blood Red for stronger shade of red.

Blood Red

Snake appears almost entirely red. Can be paired with other species for various patterns. Usually more expensive than other morphs.

Orange (Amenalistic x Buf)

Yellowish color with orange blotches. Requires the Buf gene, more common in Europe than the United States.

Mandarin (Amelanistic x Kastanie

Faded orange appearance with shades of tan and peach. Requires both the kastanie and amelanistic genes.

Opal (Amelanistic x Lavender)

Completely white and patternless, with faint yellow or lavender markings. Lavender gene removes red and orange pigments.

Whiteout (Amelanistic x Charcoal x Diffused)

Completely white snake with no melanin. Combination of Charcoal, Amelanistic, and Diffused morphs.

Crimson (Hypomelanistic x Miami)

Hypomelanistic variant of the wild Miami phase. Produces vibrant red and orange colors.