9 Best Store-Bought Salsas, Ranked

On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina Medium Salsa: This jar is for cumin lovers who like salsa. Let this go if you don't like overpowering your taste with a spice that should be used sparingly.

Newman’s Own Medium Salsa: Sugar instead of cumin makes Newman's Own. Nearly tasted like Dimetapp or something sweetened to hide an unwanted component. Although I adore supporting charity-minded businesses, this was a significant fail for me.

Chi-Chi’s Thick & Chunky Medium Salsa: This man is powerful "fine." I think it works despite its thinness and blandness. Although I reached for pickled jalapeños to top each piece, it did not overwhelm my taste receptors like Nos. 8 and 9. Woof.

Muir Glen Organic Medium Salsa: Truthfully, Muir Glen might score higher if there were less outstanding alternatives. This is one of the most tomato-forward, which is great for others but not for me.

Late July Snacks Organic Thick & Chunky Medium Salsa: The taste was perfect, but for a “thick and chunky” product, it was very watery. I may have gotten a malfunctioning jar, but it made my chip mushy and I didn't want to dip, my favorite hobby.

Desert Pepper Trading Co. Cantina Medium Salsa: One of the freshest-smelling recipes out of the jar was this one, which is surprising as these recipes are shelf-stable for months. I eat with my nose first. Desert Pepper made everything work with its gentle heat.

Pace Chunky Medium Salsa: Perhaps you're wondering, "Pace?" Really?” Truly, yes. Many popular salsa manufacturers worry too much onion and vegetable content may repel bland-diet Americans.

Tostitos Chunky Medium Salsa: Tostitos was the first salsa on this list to end up empty during a happy hour I hosted. People enjoy that brand's well-rounded flavor and hefty texture. Only nostalgia kept it ahead of Pace.

Green Mountain Gringo All Natural Medium Salsa: After never trying this brand before this taste test, I was blown away by its flavor intensity and complexity. Pepper aficionados who like salsa with slight spice will adore it.