9 Best Happy Endings In Anime

Dragon Ball Super

Android 17 wins the Tournament of Power and wishes for all destroyed universes to be restored, allowing Universe 7 members to return to Earth and resume their normal lives.

Digimon Adventure

The heroes save the Digital World again, making its existence known to all, with Tai and Agumon working as diplomats.


After a dangerous battle royale, all the girls are revived and return to their happy high school lives.


Sasuke returns to Konoha, and all surviving characters find peace, with many starting families.


he main villain is defeated, Miroku and Sango have children, and Kagome reunites with Inuyasha.

Fairy Tail

The final episode features happy endings and relationship teases, including Levy having Gajeel's child.


Sei and Reiji win the Gunpla National finals, with Sei becoming an impressive pilot.

Tenchi Muyo

After defeating Kagato, the cast returns to a peaceful home life, attending weddings and raising children.


Ichigo and Orihime, as well as Rukia and Renji, get married; Chad becomes a top-class boxer, and Uryu becomes a doctor.