8 Ways To Maximize Your Stay At Great Wolf Lodge

Plan Ahead: Research and plan your visit in advance to take advantage of special deals, promotions, and activities offered by Great Wolf Lodge.

Choose the Right Room: Select a room or suite that best fits your family's needs and preferences, considering factors like size, amenities, and proximity to attractions.

Pack Appropriately: Pack swimwear, water shoes, and other essentials for enjoying the indoor water park facilities. Don't forget sunscreen, comfortable clothing, and any special items your family may need.

Arrive Early: Arrive early on the day of your check-in to maximize your time at Great Wolf Lodge and enjoy the facilities before the crowds arrive.

Utilize the Water Park: Take full advantage of the indoor water park attractions, slides, pools, and play areas. Plan your visit to experience all the different rides and activities available.

Participate in Activities: Explore the various activities and entertainment options offered by Great Wolf Lodge, such as character appearances, crafts, storytime, and games for kids of all ages.

Dine at On-Site Restaurants: Enjoy meals at the on-site restaurants and eateries within Great Wolf Lodge for convenience and variety. Consider purchasing a dining package for added value.

Explore Beyond the Water Park: Don't forget to explore other amenities and attractions at Great Wolf Lodge, such as arcades, spas, fitness centers, and special events or seasonal activities.