8 Things to know about caring for a large-breed dog


Before adopting a large-breed dog, research breed guides authored or reviewed by professionals for accurate information.

Make sure you have space

Ensure you have enough space for a large dog's healthy and happy lifestyle, considering indoor and outdoor areas.

Introduce mat work

Teach your large dog to relax on a mat, offering them a peaceful spot for various situations like company or meals.

Be aware of spay

Consult a vet regarding the optimal time for spaying/neutering, especially for breeds prone to certain health issues.

Match household s energy

Choose a large breed aligned with your family's energy level and lifestyle, considering both working and non-working breeds.

Appropriate food

Opt for dog food formulated for large breeds, ensuring it contains essential nutrients for bone and joint health.

Think about the expenses

Consider the higher costs associated with large-breed dogs, including food, accessories, supplements, and healthcare.

Annual wellness exams

Schedule regular vet checkups every six months to one year, especially during your large dog's early years, to monitor their health and development.