8 Stylish Pixie Bobs, also known as Bixie Haircuts, for 2024

Great for hot days, this layered pixie bob with a short, graduated nape is chic and feminine, with plenty of texture and soft swooping bangs for easy styling. It's a versatile option that can be dressed up or down, making it perfect for various occasions.

Stacked Pixie Bob Cut

Sleek and voluminous, this pixie is sophisticated. Blow dry hair forward with a round brush, then use texturizing paste for definition. This hairstyle is ideal for those seeking a polished look with minimal effort, suitable for both casual outings and formal events.

Silver Blonde Defined Pixie Bob Cut

Textured layers, side-swept bangs, and a short graduated back create an impeccable standard of a pixie bob that's easy to style. This haircut offers a balance between elegance and ease, requiring minimal maintenance while still looking effortlessly chic.

Long Pixie Bob Haircut

Showcasing the shape and texture of short hair, this silver classic bob features a stacked back and long layered sides. The inverted design adds volume and dimension to the hairstyle, creating a modern and stylish look that stands out.

Inverted Pixie Bob

A modern take on the '90s short bob cut, breaking the face shape with cheekbone-grazing length. This hairstyle enhances facial features and adds a youthful touch to your overall look, making it perfect for those wanting to refresh their appearance.

Long Pixie Bob with a Modern Twist

A classic pixie bob with layered bangs, perfect for edgy haircuts that are worth the effort. The angled design accentuates facial contours and adds depth to the hairstyle, creating a dynamic and captivating look.

Angled Pixie Bob with Face Framing Bangs

Versatile for daily wear, frame your face for a bob look or tuck the sides behind your ears for a pixie look. The choppy layers add texture and movement to the hairstyle, making it a versatile option for various occasions and styling preferences.

Pixie Bob Haircut with Choppy Layers

Cute side-swept blonde pixie bob haircut, perfect for naturally fine hair with volumizing spray for added texture. The side-swept bangs frame the face and add a soft touch to the hairstyle, enhancing facial features and creating a flattering look.

Short Pixie Bob with Side Bangs