8 Spring Lawn Care Tips That Will Set Your Grass Up for Success

Clean Up Your Landscape

Clear your lawn of winter detritus. Spring cleanup requires removing twigs, leaves, and other trash from your yard.

Check Your Lawn Equipment

Before using your lawn equipment for the season, do some simple maintenance as it hasn't been touched in months.

Time Your First Mow Correctly

Wait until temperatures are above 40 degrees Fahrenheit and grass is 3 inches long before mowing in spring. The grass should be dry before mowing.

Fertilize Your Lawn

For several reasons, spring fertilization is crucial. McCausland believes it supplies important nutrients to plants as they grow after winter hibernation. 

Aerate Your Lawn

Starting in spring, homeowners should aerate their lawns to reduce compaction. This may only be needed every other year, depending on your lawn. 

Dethatch Your Lawn

Thatch (dead grass, roots, and other organic material) can block water, air, and nutrition flow to roots if it builds up. 

Overseed Your Lawn

Early spring overseeding is helpful for thinning or barren lawns. McCausland believes overseeding fills in thin spots, creates a lush, uniform appearance, and improves grass health.

Take Care of Weeds

Remove weeds from your yard to prevent invasion. Pulling weeds requires removing the root system "McCausland advises hiring a professional because this can be tough.