8 Rules of Hair Salon Etiquette You May Be Violating

Showing Up on Time

Avoid being late as it disrupts the salon's schedule; even a 15-minute grace period can significantly cut into your appointment time, affecting the entire salon's schedule and being rude to other patrons.

Calling Ahead If You Are Late

Notify the salon if you're more than five minutes late to give them a heads-up; call if you are going to be 15 minutes late or more to possibly adjust your services or reschedule the appointment.

Showing Up Too Early

Arriving too early can pressure the stylist to rush through their current client, and it doesn't guarantee you'll be seen sooner; always call ahead to see if the stylist can accommodate an earlier start.

Talking on the Phone

Avoid phone calls unless it's an emergency, as talking on the phone is inconsiderate to both the salon staff and other clients who are there to relax and enjoy their services.

Making Small Talk

Greet and engage with your stylist to acknowledge their presence and build a rapport; ignoring them completely is considered rude and unappreciative of their efforts.


Keep conversations light and avoid treating your stylist as a therapist; while friendly chat is fine, delving into personal problems can be uncomfortable and inappropriate.

Voicing Concerns

Politely voice any concerns about your look during the appointment so the stylist has the opportunity to make adjustments; this helps ensure you leave satisfied rather than unhappy and needing to complain later.

Being a Gossip

Avoid heavy gossip and negative talk about other salon employees or clients; lighthearted stories are fine, but negative talk can create an awkward and uncomfortable environment.