8 Perfect Auburn Hairstyles on Celebrities

Sophie Turner channels a vintage vibe with her loose ridges, reminiscent of the 1920s but with a modern twist. Achieving this look requires some effort and likely a generous amount of hairspray, making it a striking choice for formal events.

Sophie Turner's

Christina Hendricks sports a brighter, brassier auburn, which she enhances with voluminous curls to avoid a flat appearance. Despite the bounce and volume, her style remains polished and perfectly put together.

Christina Hendricks'

Reba McEntire's signature mature red hairstyle features fringe bangs and layered ends with soft curls, a nod to her voluminous styles from the '90s and '00s. It's a sophisticated look that maintains a timeless appeal.

Reba McEntire's

Nicole Kidman showcases her wide range of auburn hairstyles with a messy, curly updo that highlights her natural curl pattern and the depth of her hair color.

Nicole Kidman's

Alyson Hannigan has explored many shades of red, and her current gradient dark-to-light auburn is a standout. Adding a slight wave to her long bob, she achieves a chic, effortless look that’s perfect for any occasion.

Alyson Hannigan's

Bryce Dallas Howard's half-up hairstyle, paired with long red hair and prominent bangs, offers a sleek and polished alternative to wearing hair fully down. Keeping the style neat and flyaway-free enhances its refined appearance.

Bryce Dallas Howard's

Cristiana Capotondi's stunning strawberry blonde hair captures light beautifully, lending itself to structured curls that strike a balance between stylish and understated.

Cristiana Capotondi's

Karen Elson embraces the most vivid shades of auburn with her bright, fiery red hair, kept simple with pin-straight styling. This look demonstrates that even without much volume.

Karen Elson's