8 Movie Remakes That Might Have Been Better Than The Originals

Inspired by the 1950 comedy and novel, the 2003 remake shifted focus to the fictional Baker family. Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt deliver iconic performances in this early 2000s classic.

Cheaper by the Dozen (2003)

This film is a fresh take on the 1972 children's book by Mary Rodgers. Notably adapted in 2003 with Lindsay Lohan, it’s about a mother and daughter swapping bodies.

Freaky (2020)

Will Smith stars in this famous adaptation of Richard Matheson's 1954 novel. Previous versions, The Last Man on Earth (1964) and The Omega Man (1971), didn’t reach the same success.

I Am Legend (2007)

Brendan Fraser’s adventure contrasts with the 1932 horror classic. Directed by Karl Freund, the original starred Boris Karloff as the titular monster, setting a standard for Universal horror.

The Mummy (1999)

Inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the 1957 Broadway hit became a 1961 film winning several Oscars. The 2021 remake breathes new life into this timeless tale.

West Side Story (2021)

Based on H.G. Wells' novel, the 1953 film fell short with spaceships instead of tripods. The 2005 adaptation aimed to better capture the novel's essence.

War of the Worlds (2005)

Stephen King’s novel first became a 1990 miniseries. The newer films needed to omit subplots to fit the runtime but retained the novel's horror.

It: Chapter 1 and 2 (2017, 2019)

Echoing the 1932 film What Price Hollywood?, this story of stardom and decline has seen many versions. The 2018 film updates the tale with a musical focus.

A Star is Born (2018)