8 Most Companion Plants For Summer Squash

Beans and summer squash are perfect garden partners due to their similar growing needs. Beans fix nitrogen in the soil, benefiting future crops. Grow bush beans for an easy, trellis-free option.


Leeks deter pests like carrot flies and aphids, protecting summer squash. Their upright growth saves space while the strong scent creates a pest barrier.


Lettuce fits well with summer squash, taking up minimal space. Plant quick-growing varieties around young squash and harvest regularly to maximize garden space.


Peas and summer squash are great companions. Peas climb vertically while squash spreads out, and they fix nitrogen in the soil, improving soil health.


Radishes grow quickly and help break up the soil for squash roots. They can also attract pests away from squash, acting as a trap crop.


Spinach complements summer squash by taking up little space and maturing quickly. Plant it in spring to benefit from the shade provided by squash.


Tomatoes and summer squash thrive together. Squash suppresses weeds and retains soil moisture, benefiting tomato growth. Both need full sun and well-drained soil.


Oregano attracts pollinators crucial for squash production. Its aromatic flowers enhance pollination, making it a valuable garden addition.