8 Half Hour Whole 30 Dinner Recipes

Smoked Spanish paprika adds a layer of complexity to a simple side dish consisting of roasted cauliflower. There is no doubt that this is a favorite.

Smoky Cauliflower

Despite not eating fish, a buddy cooked this for us, and we were blown away! We eat it often. It's easy, pretty, and restaurant-quality, so I adore cooking it for visitors.

Grilled Tilapia Piccata

I prepare this herbed roast as frequently as I can since I like it so much. It's great for special occasions, especially with corn muffins and sweet potatoes.

Savory Pork Roast

Even a beginner cook could make this slow cooked chicken and have it turn out perfectly. This recipe could not be easier. A few minutes of prep and you'll come home to a delicious dinner.

Slow-Roasted Chicken

I learned about this colorful dish from my niece. I make it for buffets and big events since it can be made hours ahead. This uses a bumper tomato harvest well.

Tasty Marinated Tomatoes

I created this potato salad for a friend who wanted a Fourth of July-friendly dish. The vinaigrette replaced mayonnaise-based potato salads safely and deliciously.

Vinaigrette Potato Salad

Capturing the fantastic flavors of summer, this refreshing, beautiful watermelon-cucumber salad will be the talk of any picnic or potluck.

Watermelon-Cucumber Salad

I started roasting veggies and serving them often with dinner. Now my children say, Is it OK to finish the veggies? Pinch me.

Oven-Roasted Spiced Carrots