8 Garden Trellis Ideas For A Backyard Sanctuary

Build Pyramids

Construct stylish trellis pyramids using sticks and twine to guide plants like tomatoes and add vertical dimension to your garden. Place three stakes in the ground, lean them toward the center, and wrap the top with twine.

Jasmine Vines

Enhance a picket fence with a flowering arch by adding dense jasmine vines. Plant jasmine at the base of the fence and secure stems or twist them through the slats as the vine grows.

Pops of Pink

Highlight your garden with vibrant pink climbing roses on an arched trellis. These roses are easy to grow and add a bright, fun element to the garden.

Carefree Clematis

Clematis offers various color options and climbs fences or posts, providing a splash of color. It prefers full sun on its leaves and shade on its roots.

Natural Privacy

Use a 6-foot or higher trellis as a green fence for privacy in your garden, allowing plants time to fill in the gaps.

Pretty Patio

Frame your patio with a flourishing trellis for shade, privacy, and a delightful aroma if you choose flowering vines.

Rope In

Utilize a classic tomato trellis for vertical growing plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, climbing beans, or sweet potato vines in a compact space.

Sweet and Seasonal

Create a versatile space with a trellis that offers shade in warm weather and a cozy fireplace in chilly temperatures. Add climbing vines for added ambiance.