8 Front Yard Sidewalk Landscaping Ideas

Use Layers in Garden

This concept involves planting layers of vegetation at different heights to create visual interest and maximize space. In this example, low-growing white alyssum and purple-leafed lobelia.

Create Interest Curves

Curved lines are more visually appealing than straight lines, and incorporating them into your sidewalk garden can enhance its aesthetic appeal. By adding flowing curves to the garden border

Make the Most of Space

Even a small sidewalk garden can be lush and vibrant with the right selection of plants. In this example, tall, narrow plants like foxgloves, delphiniums, and climbing roses

Grow a Cutting Garden

Sidewalk gardens can serve a dual purpose by providing both beauty and practicality. In this garden, a variety of flowers, including foxgloves and roses, are grown for cutting and arranging.

Your Yard Maintenance

For those looking to reduce yard maintenance, replacing traditional lawns with lush plantings can be a practical solution. This garden features a mix of ornamentals, herbs, and vegetables

Make Yard Feel Bigger

Street-side planting can create the illusion of a larger yard by adding depth and dimension to the front space. The use of a simple color theme and a variety of textures

Add Easy Elegance

Transforming the strip of turf between the sidewalk and the street into a garden bed can elevate the curb appeal of your home. Low-maintenance plants like ornamental grasses can add texture

Make a Statement

Even in a small space, a sidewalk garden can make a big impact with the right design and plant selection. Here, a combination of boxwood borders and ornamental grasses creates pockets