8 Front Yard Plants That Won't Take Over Your House

This mounding evergreen has variegated leaves with yellow-to-ivory margins. All summer, its bright pink blossoms attract pollinators. The plant is three feet tall and four feet broad.

'Miss Lemon' Abelia

'Emerald Snow' won't eat buildings like giant purple loropetalums. This evergreen grows to four to six feet tall and three to four feet broad. It has green foliage and vivid white spring blooms.

'Emerald Snow' Loropetalum

This refined, glossy-leafed boxwood matures into a compact four-foot-tall and broad muffin. More pest-resistant than English or American boxwood, it thrives in containers on the ground. It prefers well-drained soil and full to partial light.

'Baby Gem' Japanese Boxwood

This little, thin-leafed evergreen grows two to three feet tall and broad and is ideal for warmer Southern climates. Summer and autumn bring pollinators to the foliage with crimson blossoms.

'Light Show' Red Bottlebrush

If you loathe nandina, this new kind may alter your opinion. 'Obsession' grows three to four feet tall and broad, doesn't go naked at the bottom, and doesn't extend its roots.

'Obsession' Nandina

I chastise Charlotte landscape architect Jay Sifford for planting 'Everillo' carex on every site, but it's understandable. This hilling grass-like perennial glows chartreuse year-round.

'Everillo' Carex

I adore this plant! This beautiful evergreen, approximately three feet tall and wide, with bamboo-like foliage that blends well with hydrangeas. The plant blooms yellow in winter.

'Soft Caress' Mahonia

This small evergreen thrives in suburbia and the seashore, surviving wind, sandy soil, dryness, and salt spray. 'Mojo' pittosporum grows to three feet tall and broad, making it ideal for window gardening.

'Mojo' Japanese Pittosporum