8 Easy Steak Recipes That Are Better Than What You Get At A Steakhouse

Korean ssäm inspired this lettuce-wrapped pork and rice dish. More precisely, robust Bibb lettuce holds finely sliced rib eye seasoned with sherry vinegar, light brown sugar, zesty fish sauce, and fluffy white rice.

Sesame-Scallion Steak Lettuce Wraps

Looking for grilled food? Try this 40-minute steak supper. This marinated flank beef, okra, and corn dish has smokiness from adobo sauce and brightness from lime and cilantro.

Grilled Chipotle Steak with Okra and Corn

This steakhouse-style supper can be made at home in an hour. Cooking hanger steak on the stovetop creates a beautiful brown crust.

Hanger Steak With Worcestershire Butter

In this summer meal, succulent strip steaks and potato-and-shallot-filled skewers are grilled. The dish comes together in about an hour and is topped with a tart tarragon mayonnaise you'll make again.

Grilled Steaks With Potato Skewers

This flank steak entrée is grilled and has that delicious charred taste. Use a grill pan if you don't have one. Juicy, sweet pears and biting radicchio enhance meaty steak and vivid balsamic-shallot sauce.

Balsamic Steak With Radicchio and Pears

Juicy hanger steak, oven-roasted sweet potato wedges, and sautéed spinach make this 35-minute pan-seared steak dish balanced. A garlic, black pepper, and Parmesan compound butter elevates the meal.

Parm-Butter Steak and Sweet Potato Fries

Despite its salad moniker, this meal makes a filling supper in an hour. Sirloin steak, Yukon gold potatoes, and bitter greens in a lemony-Parmesan vinaigrette are served with this entrée.

Steak and Bitter Greens Salad With Crispy Potatoes

A robust red sauce prepared with canned roasted red peppers, garlic, vinegar, smoked paprika, and olive oil brightens meat and potatoes. The sauce goes well with steak, chicken.

Hanger Steak With Roasted Red Pepper Sauce