8 Best Places to Live in Canada, According to Local Real Estate Experts

Toronto may be Canada's most populated city, but its various neighborhoods, each with its own flair, and 1,500 parks provide lots of outdoor entertainment and don't seem like a major metropolis.


Alberta's capital city has several riverside areas with lush flora and stunning vistas on the North Saskatchewan River. With a solid employment market, low cost of living, and reasonable real estate.


It used to be a government town, but now Canada's capital city has grown into a thriving metropolis. With just over a million people living there, it has a lot of green areas and two rivers that make them even better.


Calgary is the entrance to the Canadian Rocky Mountains, making it easy to get to one of the most beautiful parts of the country. It's only about an hour's drive to Nakiska Ski Area and an hour and a half to the stunning Banff.


Mountains, the ocean, and woods are all close to each other in Vancouver, which is famous for its beautiful scenery. Many people love living there because the winters are mild and the summers are warm.


It has a welcoming community culture, close-knit neighborhoods, the natural beauty of the Pacific West Coast, a mild temperature, and top-notch schools. All of these things are far from the busyness of big cities.


Kelowna is a great place to live and has lots of fun things to do, like boating on Lake Okanagan, wine tasting, riding, hiking, skiing Big White, and eating delicious farm-to-table food.