7 Ways To Improve Your Western Riding

Focus on Your Seat

Develop a solid seat by practicing proper posture, balance, and alignment in the saddle. Work on maintaining a deep seat and a relaxed but engaged core to improve your stability

Refine Your Rein Management

Learn to use your reins effectively by maintaining consistent contact with the horse's mouth while keeping a light and responsive feel. Practice using direct and neck reins

Master Your Aids

Hone your use of leg, seat, and weight aids to communicate clearly with your horse. Learn to cue for movements such as turns, transitions, and lateral maneuvers with subtle, well-timed aids.

Develop Soft Hands

Aim for soft, following hands that allow for clear communication without tension or resistance. Practice maintaining a steady, elastic connection with the horse's mouth while avoiding harsh

Work on Your Position

 Focus on maintaining a balanced, centered position in the saddle at all times. Practice proper alignment of your shoulders, hips, and heels to improve stability and effectiveness in the saddle.

Practice Patterns and Exercises

Incorporate a variety of patterns and exercises into your riding routine to improve your horse's responsiveness and your own skills. Work on serpentines, circles, lead changes

Seek Professional Instruction

Invest in regular lessons with a qualified Western riding instructor who can provide personalized feedback and guidance tailored to your skill level and goals.