7 Things You Must Buy at Walmart While on a Retirement Budget

One of their favorites is the $49.98 Azova UTI Telehealth package. UTIs are most prevalent and serious among older persons, according to Medical News Today. 

Azova UTI Test and Telehealth Bundle

A retiree on a budget may think $129 is a splurge, but Fortune says that the average household wastes one-third of its food, $1,500 every year.

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System

A heart-healthy diet is good for anyone, but it becomes even more essential as we near retirement,” said Catherine Rall, registered dietitian and Happy V creator. 

Great Value Skinless Atlantic Salmon Portions

No matter where seniors go, they can't escape their prescriptions, but one $8.99 purchase will change that.

Made Easy Kit Pill Case

Design and historic restoration expert Amanda Groebner, co-owner of TimeWorn Wood, shops mostly at Walmart for her personal and professional needs.

Great Value Over-the-Counter Medications

Walmart's Mainstays kitchen collection has 4.5-star ratings for almost every item, and since cooking at home is one of the best ways to save money.

Mainstays Kitchen Essentials

In the beauty aisle, the in-store brand can save retirees money without sacrificing quality.

Equate Beauty Products