7 Spring Nail Designs That Will Brighten Up Your Day

Yellow French Tips for Spring

Embrace the brightness of spring with Bougie Butter yellow-tipped press-on nails from Chillhouse. These classic French tip manicures bring the vibrant colors of the season right to your fingertips, perfect for adding a pop of sunshine to your look.

Sweet Tooth Special

Indulge in the adorable colors and fresh looks of Glamnetic's Sweet Treats collection for spring. From trendy green French tips to colorful blocked nails and metallic pink French tips, these press-ons offer a variety of sweet options to satisfy your nail cravings.

Flowers and Polka Dot Spring Nails

Get into the spring spirit with floral and polka dot nail designs by Bellacures. These cute and playful designs are perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your manicure, capturing the essence of the season with mini spring flowers and charming polka dots.

Pink Rose Bloom Spring Nail Design

Keep it simple yet elegant with a pink rose accent nail design by Bellacures. Featuring a clean blush pink manicure with a delicate pink rose accent, this spring mani exudes understated beauty and sophistication.

Purple Dots Spring Mani

Opt for a chic and minimalist spring nail design with purple dots by Bellacures. Perfect for those who prefer a more subtle look, these nails feature two shades of purple and simple dotting techniques for a stylish and effortless manicure.

Colorful Pinwheels Spring Nail

Embrace the playful spirit of spring with colorful pinwheel nail art. These whimsical designs feature vibrant hues and intricate patterns reminiscent of childhood pinwheels, adding a fun and cheerful touch to your manicure

Rainbow Ombre French Tip Spring Nails

Elevate your spring nail game with rainbow ombre French tip nails. This vibrant and playful twist on the classic French manicure combines the elegance of gradient nails with the fun of rainbow colors. Each nail features a smooth transition of hues