7 Priceless Items to Check Out at Goodwill


Look for tarnished silverware, which may indicate real silver. A ringing sound when tapped can also be a clue. Sets or items from well-known brands like Tiffany or Gorham can add more value.


Mint-colored dishware from the '30s or post-World War II era, especially with logos from McKee, Jeannette, or Fire King, can be valuable. Even a single butter dish could be worth over $100.

First Edition Books

Original or signed versions of beloved books can fetch high prices, especially among collectors. Websites like AbeBooks.com can help estimate their value.

Depression Glass

Colored glassware from the Anchor Hocking Company, especially in big sets or pink hue, can still fetch fair prices. Research the going rates before purchasing.

Elaborate Frames

Ornate or antique-looking frames can sometimes be more valuable than the artwork they hold. Quick research on the artist and frame could lead to surprising finds.

Vintage Globes

Outdated globes with bygone countries can auction off for surprisingly high prices due to their historical value. Even everyday finds can sell for $25 and up online.

Colored Pyrex

Vintage Pyrex, especially in bright hues and unusual patterns, can be valuable on resale sites. Many collectors still use these durable pieces for baking and cooking.