7 Patio Ideas That Will Have You Dining Al Fresco All Summer Long

Banquette Trend:

Outdoor banquette brings euro-cafe flair to elevate outdoor dining and provide extra seating for surprise guests.

Boho Outdoor Style:

Incorporate lush greenery, Turkish rugs, and Shibori-inspired pillows for a cozy, personality-packed outdoor space.

Cocktail Convenience:

Complete your patio setup with an outdoor bar cart for easy transition from patio to poolside.

Whimsical Touches:

Add unique character to your patio with fun and whimsical furniture like a birdy side table.

Hollywood Inspiration:

Design your patio with a touch of old Hollywood glamour for a stunning outdoor lounging experience.

Space-Smart Dining:

Enjoy al fresco dining even with limited patio space by using oversized planters to define the area.

Varied Plant Heights:

Mix up the landscape with pots of different sizes to add structure and composition to your outdoor space.