7 Mistakes Most People Make When Trying to Lose Weight

Choosing products that are promoted for weight loss.

Diet snacks, another name for weight loss products, are extremely processed. They are marketed as delicious, low-calorie snacks that aid in weight loss. Sadly, the portion sizes of these snacks usually don't fill you up, so you'll probably have more than one.

Miscalculating portion size for energy dense “healthy foods”.

The type of fat you have matters more than its quantity, according to the research. Nuts, fish, avocados, seeds, and some oils—olive and canola, to mention a couple—all contain healthy fat.

Not counting energy from drinks.

You've cut back on portion sizes and made some healthy substitutions, but what about that "healthy" juice you drink every morning? or the two large coffees you buy from the store every day? Or, I apologize ahead of time, the couple of glasses of wine you down each night to "de-stress."

Over restricting.

There is never a happy ending when trying to lose weight the hard way. Weight loss and weight gain are cycles that arise from restricting everything at once, according to research. Your habits seem to alternate between overindulging in foods you dislike and punishing yourself with too little energy.

Excluding whole food groups.

In keeping with the previous point, leaving out entire food groups is a mistake that many people make when attempting to reduce their weight. Food group exclusion is not only often unduly restrictive, but it is also the surest path to a diet lacking in critical nutrients.

Not getting enough fibre and protein.

What is it that we desire? to experience fullness! When would we like it? Most of the time! Now for the good news: protein and fibre are your best friends when it comes to making satisfying meals and snacks.

Overestimating how much energy is burned from exercise.

After a 30-minute run, a pump class, or a block push with a pram, you're done. That has to be more valuable than a piece of melted butter on banana bread from the cafe, a scone, or a piece of birthday cake belonging to a coworker, right? I apologize, but that is not true.