7  Men s 90 s Hairstyles That Are Back In Fashion

The Heartthrob

Iconic 90 s hairstyle with a pushed-back bob and messy fringes, popularized by Brad Pitt and James Van Der Beek, offering a relaxed, low-maintenance style that enhances facial features and hair texture.

The Caesar Cut

Named after Julius Caesar and popularized by George Clooney, featuring equal hair length with a longer top, often modernized with faded sides for volume, styled with an undercut or crew cut.


90 s trending hairstyle with short front and long back, famously referenced by Beastie Boys, now modernized with a drop fade and blonde highlights.

Mod Cut + Mullet

Combination of mod cut and mullet, popularized by Noel Gallagher, featuring short fringes and long sideburns, styled with dry shampoos, sea salt spray, and powder.


Low-maintenance braided hairstyle favored by 90 s athletes with curly hair, now popular among a wider audience for its rugged and cool look.

Flat Top

Revived by Will Smith in the 90s, this 50s-inspired hairstyle suits those with thick hair, requiring commitment to maintain short sides and a groomed top.

Tapered Medium-Length Hairstyle: 

Britpop-inspired, low-maintenance hairstyle with rugged sides and grown-out fringes, as seen on Damon Albarn, styled with matt wax or sea salt spray.