7 Heat-Tolerant Annuals That Bloom All Summer Long

Heat Tolerant Annuals

This tall plant has magnificent trumpet-shaped flowers in white, red, or pink that are not fussy. If maintained in a bright, sunny position, mandevilla may be overwintered inside


One of the simplest heat-tolerant annuals to cultivate, ageratum can withstand freezing. Hardy and pest-resistant, this plant may be ideal for beginners. It's one of the few plants in the world that blooms a true blue


Scaevola, often known as fan flower, is a robust Australian annual that can resist heat and drought. The delicate, finger-like blooms of this sun lover spread out, revealing their vivid purple


Its iridescent purple, green, and black leaves makes this annual a stunning container plant. Persian shield resists deer and rabbits, so the bright leaves won't be eaten.

Persian Shield

hese flowers grow well in sunny containers and as houseplants in bright rooms. You can trust these sun-loving, heat-tolerant annuals to bloom all summer.


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It's a great container garden "spiller" and pest-resistant due to its fuzzy leaves. In summer light, this low-maintenance plant may smell like licorice, thus its name.