7 Glute Activation Exercises That Belong in Every Fitness Routine

Glute Bridge

Pilates, yoga, and functional fitness use the glute bridge. For glute activation, you don't need any equipment, however weighted glute bridges may be added.

Fire Hydrant

Leg abduction is one of your glutes' most significant functions. This glute activation workout prepares your butt muscles for side-to-side motions like tennis or pickleball.

Donkey Kicks

Your glutes do another crucial movement? Draw your legs back. Donkey kicks or kickbacks engage your glutes.

Lateral Band Walks

You may execute this glute activation exercise with your bodyweight without a miniband. To keep your glutes engaged, walk with your feet slightly apart.

Single-Leg Bridges

It's okay if this glute activation exercise is challenging for beginners. Replace raising your foot all the way up with lifting onto your toes; the other leg should still be doing most of the effort.

Marching Bridge

The marching glute bridge strengthens your core, hip flexors, and glutes for the single-leg glute bridge. Relax and don't speed through the repetitions.

Standing Booty Kicks

This glute activation exercise boosts the kicking leg's glute and balances the standing leg, making it a great warmup for any sweat session. Use a chair or wall for balance.