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7 Frugal Vacation Destinations Offer Breathtaking Beauty and Authenticity

Visitors mention the affordability a, where food and other expenses are relatively low. The exchange rate is favorable, making it an attractive destination for budget-conscious travelers.


With a favorable exchange rate and affordable accommodations like boutique hotels and hostels, South Africa offers great value for travelers. Various activities, from skydiving to shark cage diving

South Africa

While airfare may be the most significant expense, once in China, travelers find that public transportation, dining, and accommodations are affordable. Exploring beyond tourist areas can further reduce costs.


Despite the initial expense of getting there from the U.S., Vietnam offers excellent value for money. Accommodations, including four- and five-star hotels, are affordable, and the overall cost of living


Visitors appreciate the hospitality of the locals and find Greece to be an affordable destination. Surplus funds at the end of the trip allow for upgrades, enhancing the overall experience.


Travelers suggest staying in local accommodations like Airbnb to save money. Eating at local restaurants and exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations help keep costs down.


With reasonable airfare and affordable accommodations, Cartagena offers a budget-friendly travel experience. Dining and entertainment options are also reasonably priced.

Cartagena, Colombia