7 Best Time To Visit Bonneville Salt Flats

Summer (June-August)

Ideal for speed enthusiasts and spectators as it's when the Bonneville Speedway hosts Speed Week, where land speed records are attempted and broken

Late Spring (April-May) and Early Fall (September-October)

Suitable for general exploration, photography, and salt flat activities like photography, walking, and picnicking.

Winter (November-March)

Can be very cold, but also less crowded. Offers unique photo opportunities with the contrast of white salt against the blue sky or during sunrise/sunset

During Events

Check for specific events like the World of Speed or Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials, usually held in late summer and early fall, respectively

Sunrise and Sunset

Anytime during the year, catching the sunrise or sunset over the salt flats offers breathtaking views and great photo opportunities

Full Moon

Visiting during a full moon can provide an otherworldly experience as the moonlight reflects off the salt crust

Avoid Rainy Seasons

Heavy rains can turn the salt flats into mud, making access difficult and potentially dangerous