7 Best Companion Plants For Watermelon 


Growing nasturtiums from seeds is a breeze. These vibrant flowers are adored by pollinators and serve as a potential trap crop due to their attractiveness to aphids, a prevalent pest of watermelon plants.

Sweet Alyssum

This petite annual plant, with its delightful fragrance, acts as a magnet for pollinators. Additionally, green lacewings are drawn to it, with their larvae preying on adult aphids, providing natural pest control.


Every garden should include this herbaceous perennial, as it holds immense appeal for pollinators. Sporting silvery foliage with a hint of minty aroma and boasting an abundance of purple, white, or pink flowers, it marries beauty with functionality


Growing this annual herb from seed is a breeze. Its charming blue flowers are beloved by pollinators like bees, as well as beneficial insects such as parasitic wasps and hover flies.


Growing this herb from seed is a straightforward task, and its lofty flowers on slender stems are a magnet for pollinators and beneficial insects like bees, hover flies, and lady beetles, all of which relish dining on aphids.


These annuals display a delightful array of hues, spanning from sunny yellow to pumpkin orange, and vary in height from 6 inches to several feet tall. Blooming throughout the summer season, they draw in pollinators


The extended flowering season of lavender ensures a steady flow of pollinators, making it a vital addition near your watermelon crop. Enhance your garden plot by considering a lavender border for both its beauty and functionality.