7 American Taboos We re Not Supposed to Talk About

Do Not Forget To Tip Your Server

It is customary to leave a gratuity to acknowledge their hard work and the quality of their service.

Politics is a sensitive topic in the U.S. with a clear divide between conservatives and liberals.

Do Not Talk Brazenly About Politics

Drinking alcohol in public spaces like parks and sidewalks is illegal in some states to prevent public intoxication and unsafe driving.

Do Not Drink Alcohol In Public

Jokes about race and gender are increasingly unacceptable in the U.S.

Do Not Make Racist Or Sexist Jokes

Avoid discussing gun rights, especially if you're from a country with strict gun control. Opinions on this topic can be very polarized.

Do Not Discuss Gun Culture

Americans are generally proud and patriotic. Negative comments or mocking about the country can offend them

Do Not Joke About The Country

When dining at someone's home, wait for the host to sit down before starting to eat.

Do Not Eat Before Your Host Has Arrived