7 After-Dinner Drinks to Linger Over

Salted Amaro Espresso Martini

Forget the plain coffee, this espresso martini is an exciting twist.  Citrusy amaro and Grand Marnier add complexity to the classic drink, balanced by the coffee's bitterness.

Pink Squirrel

This creamy, nutty dessert cocktail is due for a comeback. Use clear crème de cacao for an elegant presentation.


This easy-to-remember recipe is a must-have for any home bar. Feel free to adjust the whiskey content based on your preference.


Impress your guests with this Puerto Rican classic, perfect alongside holiday cookies. Prepare it beforehand and chill for later.

Mulled Wine

Make a big batch of this recipe to save time and use up leftover wine from gatherings.

Smoke Show

Embrace the smoky experience with a charred cinnamon stick, enhancing this creamy bourbon and rum drink.

Bobby Burns

Consider longer center-parted bangs like Heidi Klum for a face-framing look without full commitment.