5 Tips To Stop Makeup From Moving Into Fine Lines And Wrinkles For Mature Women

1. Prep and Moisturize Your Skin With Serum & Sunscreen

Brice thinks skin pretreatment is crucial to foundation appearance. First, utilize proper skincare and prime your skin as foundation needs to remain place.

2. Apply Primer To Your Face

This cream makes liquid concealer and foundation apply smoother and hides wrinkles. Hydrating primers are excellent for textured and aged skin, says Chapman.

3. Choose A Cream Or Serum Foundation

Wrinkles and fine lines are lovely signs of age, yet sometimes we want cosmetics to hide them. Cream or liquid foundations are preferable than powder over 40 for highlighting bone structure.

4. Look For Foundations With Vitamins

Choose a vitamin-enriched cream or serum foundation, says Chapman. Vitamins help heal skin and improve elasticity, but vitamin A (retinol) is especially good for fine lines and elasticity.

5. Skip Powder Foundation

Brice shares that "our skin produces less moisture as we age, so we may not need powder to matte-ify and set anymore, but could be unnecessarily applying it."